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Helicopters Without Borders 
North Raven Dental

Since October 2022 North Raven Dental has been working with Helicopters without borders to provide fly in dental services to remote communities in British Columbia utilizing a first in province system of helicopter transport and full service portable dental units.

Helicopters Without Borders is a non-profit organization that delivers health, wellness, and critical support to remote communities and populations struck by disaster across B.C. HWB runs flight programs that transport healthcare professionals into isolated communities that receive little to no access to health and wellness experts. This alleviates the logistical challenges and financial strain of community members having to travel to urban areas to receive care.

HWB works with other charities, NGOs, health authorities, government, and Indigenous governments to secure deliveries of food and clean water, medical supplies, hygiene products, school supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and vaccines. They respond to emergency shortages while also promoting ongoing food security, health, and wellness across B.C.

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